Jackets, Bespoke and otherwise

Men’s Highland Fashion kept pace with contemporary taste and style until it was brought to a screeching halt by war-effort ‘clothes rationing’ in 1916. It hasn’t evolved since.

I am now working with several local Bespoke tailors to design and produce a line of men’s day- and evening-wear jackets that are on the leading edge of fashion in ‘cut’, ‘fit’ and ‘choice of fabric’.

I will post pictures as I design jackets (and when/if I convince their new owners to send me a photo).

Fasten your (immaculately-tailored) seatbelt!

Inverness Capes

inverness capeSeveral years ago I was asked by a customer to make a wool Inverness Cape for him. It attracted a good deal of attention and I now offer them as part of my regular line

I make these capes from heavy Melton wool cloth with a silk or satin lining. I have added deep pockets to keep the hands warm in, and an inside pocket for a flask or what-have-you.

As with my kilts, the Inverness Cape is entirely hand-sewn and made-to-measure.


Absolutely nothing fits, feels or lasts as long as does ‘made-to-measure’.

Here is my preferred source: www.maxwellsclothiers.com