DC Dalgliesh – weavers in silk and wool. The BEST kilt cloth available today.

The House of Labhran – highland head-dress, antique sporrans, dirks and sgean dubhs.

Jarod Kearney – An outstanding artisan who makes heirloom-quality sgean dubhas and dirks.

Joe Drouin – a first-rate source of Canadian uniform accessories with exceptional customer service.

Kinloch Anderson – the best supplier of off-the-rack kilt jackets, and  also a good all-round supplier of quality merchandise

Where to Find the Other Stuff:


Bespoke Jackets:

This man`s work is astounding – his suits make the models in (insert internationally-revered label here) ads in the (glossy fashion magazine) look like they just staggered up to clean your windshield!

Bespoke Shirts:

If you don`t have a local shirt maker (and for a while back in the `90`s they seemed to be everywhere) then I highly recommend

Explain that you will wear the shirt with a kilt, and therefore the shirt-tails should be longer than is usual – to a point even with your fingertips.



I WISH that I could recommend a source for quality sporrans in Canada, but I cannot (I invite you to draw your own conclusions) so I must direct you to
*The best sporrans not made in North America

Bespoke Kilt Hose:




My Youtube Channel – for those who aren’t prepared to wade through my text.

The Regimental Drum Major Assoc. – a very informative site, with MANY links to check out

Scottish Register of Tartans

X Marks the Scot – A community of those who wear kilts.

Wooden boats are another passion of mine:

Meitheal Mara – researchers and builders of the Irish Currach

Naomhóga Chorcaí – Irish Currachs

Nomad Boatbuilding

My ventures into journalism:

Haggis in All Its Glory

In Defense of Scrooge

Planning Six Centuries Ahead – “I had heard this story twice – from former Oxford students – and whether or not it DID happen, it SHOULD HAVE happened. I can only say, like Caius Brittanicus; “Relata refero, ne Iupiter quirem omnibus placet” (I tell it the way I heard it, Jupiter Himself can’t please everybody…”


Blackthorn – The web master’s band so it has to be here…

Bowlingforsoup – this Texas alt-punk band is Amerca’s answer to the Barenaked Ladies. Witty, ireverent and obscene – they’re more like me than I am!

The Lowland and Border Pipe Society – because marching up and down in full dress is not the only way to play the pipes…

Mudmen – A speed-metal band with bagpipes – I can’t play it in the car because it makes me want to accelerate and jump the kerb.

Old Blind Dogs – Richly-textured virtusio Scots folk which blends old tunes and modern sensibilties. A textbook example of ‘traditional’ made vibrantly ‘relevant’. Absolutely bloody brilliant.