“Casual” Kilts

These have become popular in recent years. they are a ‘throwback’ to the kilts worn by the Highland Regiments up until the 1880s in that they are sewn from a 4-yard length of tartan cloth. Aside from the length of the cloth, they are identical in construction and workmanship to a full 7- or 8-yard kilt.

From any distance they look the same as a full kilt, and as they aren’t as dear you can throw yourself into that tug-of-war or hill-run without fear that you will ruin your ‘good’ kilt.

The problem that I have found when making a casual kilt is that each tartan will affect how the kilt may be pleated, and how good that particular casual kilt will look compared to a full kilt made from the same sett. The second problem is that the size of the customer REALLY dictates the amount of material required – 4 yards will work on the average ‘fit’ person, but the …ahem…’more prominent’ customer will require 6 yards or more, and then only a full kilt will suffice.

I won’t know if I can make one of these for you without first knowing your measurements and choice of tartan.